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Education and Cognitive Late Effects of Childhood Cancer

Young children who received cranial radiation, high dose systemic MTX, and/or IT MTX can develop subtle learning disabilities. This is well documented in the scientific literature. The most common problems are with handwriting, spelling, reading or reading comprehension, understanding math concepts, attention deficits (tend to drift off and are easily distracted), short term memory and information retrieval, planning and organizational skills, social maturity and social skills. The articles linked to below will help you if you think that your child is having problems in school because of the cancer treatment. The IEP comments are especially written for parents of children with late cognitive effects.

A lot of good information on resources for educating the child with cancer is listed in the "back to school" section of this web site:

Articles on cognitive late effects (online)


On the Surivors' Bibliography page, journal articles pertinent to education issues are tagged in the red word "Education".

On the Surivors' Bibliography page, a technical bibliography on neurocognitive function:

Comments - IEPs for off-treatment (late cognitive effects)

The following items were included in an IEP of a childhood cancer survivor. I'm leaving them as they were categorized in the plan.

Environmental Accomodations:

Organizational Accommodations:

Reading Accommodations:

Written Language Accommodations:

Testing Accommodations:

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