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Resources: Videos, CD/DVDs, interactive programs

Note: This web site,, does not host advertising, nor does it receive funding of any type from the display of commercial content or advertising. Many of the links on these resource pages could be construed as advertising, as I link to web sites of companies that will profit from the sale of goods or services to parents of children with cancer. My intent is not to benefit these companies, instead, my intent is to let parents know how to find sometimes unusual items that can help their children. When applicable, I state when a particular product is free, or recommended by parents as particularly useful. I remove links to web sites if parents report problems.


"Developed by HopeLab, Re-Mission is a cool and fun game that gives young people a sense of power and control over cancer. Research shows that young people who played Re-Mission increased their understanding of cancer and adhered to their treatments more consistently." Cigna's website offers the game for free, or download/order on the Re-mission website.

A Lion in the House

A LION IN THE HOUSE by Independent Lens is an intimate, intense and ultimately inspiring documentary about ordinary people getting through the impossible. This film was first aired on TV in June 2006. From the trauma of diagnosis to the physical toll of treatment, from the stresses that can tear a family apart to the courage of children who face the possibility of death with honesty and humor, rebellion and dignity, A Lion in the House is an unprecedented portrait of this life-altering experience captured in all its complex dimensions. As the film compresses six years into one narrative, it puts viewers in the shoes of parents, physicians, nurses, siblings, grandparents and social workers as they struggle to defeat an indiscriminate and predatory disease.

I'll get better tomorrow

A documentary that follows several pediatric cancer patients. Subtitles in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish. Excerpt on Youtube linked to from web site.

Fallon, NV: Deadly Oasis

A documentary about the Fallon leukemia cluster. Ordering information from the above link.

Kidz With Leukemia

The Degge Group, Ltd. The Kidz CD ROM is really quite good. I am amazed that anyone took the time and initiative to produce such an high-quality program targeted at such a (luckily) small population: young children with leukemia. I think that young children will actually like to explore the program, learning about their disease as they go. Read my in-depth review for details.

Conquering Cancer Network

This is an interactive CD for teens who have or who had a solid tumor. It is produced by the Degge Group, the same group that did the Kidz with Leukemia CD (above). I think that most teens with cancer would enjoy and benefit from viewing this CD. Read my in-depth review for details.

Ben's Game

"This is a game about fighting cancer. In this game, you play the role of a hero on a hovering surfboard with ultra-high-tech weapons. You are the cure!" Free, downloadable from the linked site, for PCs and for MACs.

Why, Charlie Brown, Why?

This video is about a child who's friend has cancer. Highly recommended for younger school age children. It is excellent for the child's school and/or other groups to view before your child returns to regular activities. Contact your local American Cancer Society or Candlelighters chapter. Usually available from Candlelighters (1-800-366-2223) or the Leukemia Society (1-800-955-4LSA)

CancerEd: Necessary Pictures Film and Media

by Joe Nardelli and Colleen Goddard. The CancerEd people have put together a workshop presentation kit for schools or communities. The workshop is designed to engage, empower, and enlighten students and teachers to the social, emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of childhood cancer. It consists of a video and workbook which independently celebrate childhood cancer awareness. Together they are designed to connect students & teachers, schools, families, and communities. 1-800-221-3170, Email CancerEd PO Box 107, Old Chelsea Station, NY, NY 10011-0107. Video Component: My Hair's Falling Out . . . Am I still Pretty? (Winner 1996 Parent's Choice Silver Honor) This video is a fictional, one person performance which tells the story of a young girl who is diagnosed with leukemia, undergoes hospitalization and chemotherapy, and returns to school, her cancer in remission. Writer, Actress Colleen Goddard plays all the characters in this twenty two minute program. from young cancer patient, to doctor, to family members and other kids at school and in the hospital. Although the subject matter is difficult- a friend she makes in the hospital dies- the program is upbeat, including animation, music and dance segments. Simple, clear information about what cancer is and how it is treated is explained, as well as insight into the feelings of patients and those who love them, which make this program especially appropriate for school children

Bereavement and Terminal Illness

The Healing Path

The Compassionate Friends sibling video addresses concerns of surviving siblings, such as sadness, pain, anger, and fear. Video explores eight topics: facing the reality of death, who will listen, changed family life, special days, visiting the cemetery, parental overprotection, feelings and expectations, and looking to the future. For information, call (877) 969-0010 or (630) 990-0010.

Understanding Grief: Kids Helping Kids

14 minutes. Appropriate for ages 9 to 14. Children who lost a parent or a loved one discuss their feelings. Advice on the four T’s (talk, touch, teach, time) developed by Dr. Earl Grollman. Batesville Management Services: (800) 446-2504, ext. 7788. ($99)

Centering Corporation

Go to their web site and search for "video" to get a complete list of the products available.

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