Families of children with cancer all around the world have created web pages to tell us their stories. These pages come in all shapes and sizes. Each one is special, just as each child is special.

My goal is to maintain a complete listing of all childhood cancer personal web pages. If you know of a page not listed here, please send the url to Patty. And if you find a broken link, please email me about that too. The ages listed below are necessarily approximate; toddler is 1-2, preschool is 3-5, young child is 6-10, preteen is 11-12, teen is 13-19.

View the home pages by type of cancer, or go to the complete listing ("All types" - this may take a while to download.)

All Types: Grand Listing | Brain Cancers | Bone Cancers | Leukemias | Lymphomas | Neuroblastoma | Rhabdomyosarcoma | Wilms Tumor | Retinoblastoma | Other Types

(Other types include rhabdoid, retinoblastoma, CCSK, PNET, hepatoblastoma, myelo proliferative disease, melanoma, colon cancer, aplastic anemia, sarcomas, histiocytosis.)

Many of the stories in the tables in the pages linked above are hosted by the sites below. Be sure to pay a visit to the main page of each of these sites! They "host" cancer child homepages, so if you are not able or willing to do a page completely on your own, you can contact the webmasters of these sites so that your child can be included.

Some of the pages in my grand listing are hosted by CaringBridge. These wonderful folks provide a "free service allowing patients (or anyone receiving care) to communicate with their family and friends using a Web Page. Easy to follow steps allow you to create and update your own Web Page." Visit CaringBridge if you are interesting in setting up a web page for your child using this service.

Also visit the sites below which host cancer kids' stories. I did not include the individual stories from these sites in the tables of home pages.

I am also including the link below, which is to a listing of childhood cancer homepages maintained on the NECCR home page. Why? Largely because, the webmaster, Simon, has for several years maintained an *excellent* listing of all links relative to childhood cancer, and it is quite likely that he will find a new homepage before I do <grin>.

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