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Author's note

If I were reading these pages, one of the first things I would ask is how reliable is the information and what are the qualifications of the author. So, here goes.

My son was diagnosed with ALL in 1997 and completed treatment in 2000. (He's doing great!) I am an information nut and had to learn everything I could about his disease. My education includes a MS in biochemistry and my career is a job running organic chem teaching labs, so you can see that I was already trained in reading and interpreting journal articles and educating others when I began the ALL journey. Since 1997 I have read numerous books and web sites on ALL, leukemia, and cancer in general. I have piles of journal articles, as e-files or hard copy. Perhaps most of all, I have been an administrator of the ALL-kids mailing list for nearly 8 years, so a lot of my knowledge comes from corresponding with and learning from other parents of kids with ALL. A few (unnamed) parents have shared their full trial protocols with me and these documents are chock-full of information.

The basic information on these pages - cell types, what clinical trials are, etc. - is written from what I would consider my basic knowledge, derived both from personal experience and from reading medical texts and journal articles.

Personal experience: My son was diagnosed in 1997, and I learned first hand from his oncologist and from reading his clinical trial protocol. Since 1998, I have been a list administrator for online support lists for parents of children with ALL. The listmembers discuss all aspects of ALL, including the medical details of the disease, and I have read or written hundreds of posts on the topic. This keeps me up-to-date on ALL treatment and disease classification.

Study of medical literature: When I need to make sure of some detail, my best technical reference sits next to my computer, Childhood Leukemias, edited by Ching-Hon Pui, 1999, Cambridge University Press. I have several pet web sites for technical information, and I link to them from within these pages. PubMed is my resource for journal articles.

What I write in these pages is correct to the best of my knowledge as of this date (below). If you find errors - or if you would like to know something that I do not cover - feel free to contact me.

Yours in the quest for knowledge,

Patty Feist
July 2005

General Disclaimer

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