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Online Support Groups: Privacy

ACOR does not collect or sell your personal information. The archives of each list may only be viewed by members. There is one privacy policy for ACOR and it has not changed since ACOR was founded in the mid-1990s.

List administrators on ACOR watch carefully all new subscriptions for people who might be joining for other than legitimate purposes. However, it can happen that someone slips by our watchful eyes. To be safe, you should not post personal information such as your phone number or address to the lists.

The above are the policies of ACOR. If you join a list on Yahoo or elsewhere, your privacy might not be so protected. Over the years, the privacy policy of Yahoo (for instance) is constantly changing and it offers no reassurances that what you post there will remain private and confidential. It may be that you post a detailed history of your child's history and then you may find your name and history on some search engine. If you use some other online situation, please think about creating an alias for yourself and your child if you are going to share very private information that you want to protect.