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Online Support Groups: Definitions and Courtesies


list: All of the people subscribed by e-mail to a particular interest group, such as ped-onc.

listserve: Listserve in general is the name for the process that receives the e-mails from individuals and then "serves" those e-mails to each subscriber of the list. The process is handled by a computer application (Lsoft produces one such application).

post: An e-mail sent by an individual to the list.

archives: All of the posts are saved by the listserve software by date and topic. The archives are searchable, but only can be accessed by members of the list.

administrators: Volunteers that watch over all activity of the list. Administrators are notified when someone joins or leaves the list; they can help members join or leave the list or change their subscription options. Administrators make sure that the list rules and guidelines are followed and they have the ability to delete anyone from the list.

member: Someone subscribed to a list.

list rules and guidelines: On ACOR lists, a composite set of rules and guidelines that most listowners agree on is online at ACOR list rules. These pertain to the pediatric ACOR lists, but vary somewhat in their enforcement from list to list.

listowners (LO): The official Lsoft name for a list administrator. Listowner doesn't sound as friendly, though, so many LOs prefer the designation administrator.

digest: A subscription option in which you receive a days' worth of posts in one large e-mail instead of a bunch of individual e-mails.

no mail: A subscription option in which you do not receive any e-mails, but are still subscribed to the list. If your subscription is "no mail", you can still go to the list archives and read posts and post to the list. Many people go "no mail" when they go on vacation.

subscribe: Have your name added to the members of a list.

Explanation of all subscription options

The lists can be accessed via a web interface, rather than e-mail. On the web interface, you can change your subscription options or join or leave the list. However, you can also change your subscription options by sending an e-mail message to the listserve software. For an Lsoft list (e.g., ACOR lists), a full user manual is available at the Lsoft website:


You will probably receive an automated welcome letter when you join a list. That letter might have a list of rules and guidelines (and contact information): save the welcome letter for future reference. Below are links to sample rules/guidelines:

General Disclaimer

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