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Support for Kids

Below are annotated links to the numerous cancer kid (and siblings) activities and support groups that come to the attention of online listmembers.

Online support groups

Group Loop

Teens Talk Cancer Online Information, education, and online support groups.


On Yahoo groups, for kids affected by retinoblastoma.

Things to do online

Ben's Game

"This is a game about fighting cancer. In this game, you play the role of a hero on a hovering surfboard with ultra-high-tech weapons. You are the cure!" Free, downloadable from the linked site, for PCs and for MACs.

Oncolink's Peanut Butter and Spinach on Wheat Toast.

This is an on-line illustrated story about a boy fighting cancer. Take your young child with you on this adventure.

Captain Chemo's Adventures

An interactive, online game.

Audrey the Brave

A story book that can be personalized. "This site is about a story written for a real little brave girl named Audrey, to help her deal with cancer. We hope it will appeal to other children as well."

Chemo to the Rescue

An online book for young children with leukemia.

Brave Kids

Online resources for children with chronic or life threatening illnesses and disablities. Games, message board, resources.

MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital

Web page for kids and teens. Links to activities that might not be listed here. (reviewed 10/07)

Items to get


From the Kids Cancer Network: The Friends Network produces FUNLETTER, mailed to individuals or to clinics, six issues each year. Each issue is designed to be colored on, filled up and written in. Our goal is to encourage as many children as possible through FUNLETTERS.

Spinoza Bear

A talking bear developed in 1984 as a communication tool capable of providing positive reinforcement and encouragement, suitable for children with cancer. They are expensive, but potentially can be funded by support organizations.

For Siblings


An organization that provides support for the unique needs of siblings of childhood cancer.

Oliver's Story

A book for Sibs of Kids with Cancer, see the ACCO/Candlelighters web site for details.

Cancer Really Sucks

A website for teens who have loved ones facing cancer.

Resource lists relevant to kids

Make a Wish This ped-onc page not only lists all the Make-A-Wish organizations that have come to our attention, it also discusses who gets wishes (and who is sometimes refused) and a little bit about the process.

Cancer Kid Camps - our grand listing, one of the best compilations on the web

Wigs and Hats - where to get wigs/hats when chemotherapy takes the hair

Books (general)

Books (bereavement and terminal illness)

Videos and Computer Games

and also check: Miscellaneous (on the family page of hodgepodge links)

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