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Support for Families of Cancer Kids

Online help from other parents

E-mail lists. In the late 1990s through the 2000s, many of us found help from other parents of children with cancer by joining online e-mail lists, or listserves. This ped-onc web site originated from parents who joined e-mail lists sponsored by ACOR. An advantage of the ACOR lists is that they are private, and the archives are never shared with the public. Not all of the ACOR lists are still active, but many are.

Click here for the list of active ACOR e-mail lists

More information (than you will ever want to know) about e-mail lists

Social media. Facebook's Momcology is friendly, helpful, and active. Other Facebook groups might be active as well. Or search your favorite social media site for support groups.

Smart Patients. SmartPatients is an online community for patients and families affected by a variety of illnesses. Many of the ACOR lists moved to Smart Patients.

Face-to-Face Groups

Ask the social worker at your hospital or clinic if there is a support group in your community. Or, check our list of national support organizations for childhood cancer(s) to see if a chapter exists in your area:

Childhood cancer support organizations

Support for teens and young adults

Teens/young adults page - ped-onc page for teens and young adults


Do's and Don'ts - suggestions for helping families who have a child with cancer


General Disclaimer

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