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Internet Resources on Childhood Cancer

Question: Is the information I am about to find on the Internet reliable?

Most, but not all, of the information you find on the Internet is reliable. One clue is to look at the url.

Next, look at who has written the page. The "editors" should list their qualifications. Medical doctors are of course good sources of information; non-medical doctors should state that fact and list their qualifications and aims in writing the pages.

Pay attention to who links into the page -- if you were directed to the page by a reliable source, the new page is also likely to be reliable. Reliable pages are usually updated often, indicating that the editors are interested in keeping the information as current and accurate as possible. Always understand that the medical information you read on the Internet is not to be substituted for personal consultation with a physician.

Here is a link to both another short essay and more links on source reliability:

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